mercredi, juin 22, 2005

Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag...

The act of reading my Stat Counter is like pink cookies in a plastic bag getting crushed by buildings. Turns out the global web citizenry ain't coming here for insight into unrealized girl geniuses but "stocky women,", "morehouse titties," "sexy negro girls," "spelman hotties," "black hotties," "hot Haitian girls," and "fiyah jungle fever." I'm sorry that I could not oblige, well, except in the case of ole boy from San Jose whose internet surfdom comes courtesy of DSL Extreme (I guess regular dsl was too tempered for his expansive tastes) and whose search for "stocky women" landed him here for, thankfully, but a few seconds. If he had stayed any longer right now I would be keeled over my office bathroom toilet vomiting up my alleged stockiness. No disrespect to thick chicks intended.

More fiyah (Dylan, what's up!), hotness (if that's not redundant), sexiness, and Negritude, at she real cool in the immediate future. I promise.