mardi, juin 07, 2005

Pay Per View

The god's son, Juelz Santana i tell my bitches: listen, don't watch me, watch T.V.
Juelz Santana
, "Mic Check"

To gaze is to think.
Salvador Dali

There is power in looking.
bell hooks, Black Looks

Rakim came to the video — I didn't even know, he just came through. He was telling me how much love he had for me. I was like the teacher of the class in the video and he sat behind the desk like the overseer. That just meant so much to me.
Juelz on
The god,

We have the eye, which of the five senses is the closest to the brain, or rather is the sensory channel through which the brain itself directly perceives the external world.Light is indispensable for the proper functioning of the eye. Our visual power (function) to discern objects is more easily frustrated by manipulating light than by directly blocking the direction of our gaze, as is illustrated by the dark changes of scene in a theater. This also means that our discernible world varies with the quantity of light. Often we feel peaceful when we settle into an indirectly illuminated space or dim corner. As we know, in such a relative darkness, (not?)* so deep as to risk our safety, we feel more reassured than scared, and the faintness of light calms and relaxes us.

James Turrell

*parentheses and questionmark added.