mercredi, juin 29, 2005

Fix Up, Look Sharp

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.
Eugene Ionesco

Why do white people love MF Doom so much?* I'm pretty cool on the ashy elbows, pot belly, and general dishevelment not to mention his entire lack of stage presence. In retort, I'm sure Doom's even portlier hype man would cite his ability to sound just like his recordings which I would argue, if I cared, is not necessarily a good thing.

Obviously I attended the not quite star studded rap spectacle that so many folk anticipated except me (I am however anticipating Bobby & Whitney's reality tv debut). Only reason I went is cause fam had an extra ticket AND I still left early. It was beyond hot and muggier than South East Asia. I should know. I should have stayed home and watched the BET awards then hit up Quo or Table 50 later even though it was a good show. On my way out I ran into dude who throws the Thursday night shindig at Triple Crown which should, from this point forward, become apart of your life unless you're lame cause you'll f##k up the rotation.

Nobody was feeling Sadat X but me and like three other folk and I concur with Joey, Primo got zero respect despite having sweated through his T-Shirt which I can confirm occurs whether or not it's infinite thousand degrees outside. Hearing De La's "Much More" for the first time live followed by my fav "Stakes is High" was hot although the whole audience seemed to be anticipating Doom's entrance for "Rock Co.Kane Flow" their whole set.

The Roots, as dude already stated, have morphed into a jam band. A great one but a jam band nonetheless. I'm glad I saw them in '98 with Com at the Roxy in ATL even though they didn't do "Silent Treatment." Oh yeah and Hub killed it. I want him to play at my wedding along with 'Sandra and D'Lo.

I missed most of BCC's abbreviated set but please believe I won't be late for their Ft. Greene Show (cause it's around the corner) which undoubtedly will have better energy.

On that note a show is as much about audience as it is performers and the Central Park audience wasn't doing it for me excepting the Hill Harper lookalike catty-corner to my left. I think I'll attribute a good part of my blah to the phenomenon about which Kitwana writes, The Perceptionists malign, and O-Dub tries to pin down.

If we had to depend upon black people to eat, We would starve to death. You've been out there, you on the bandstand, you look out there, what do you see? You see Japanese, you see... you see West Germans, you see Slobovic, you know, anything, except our people man. It makes no sense, it incenses me that our own people don't realize our own heritage, our own culture. This is our music.

That's bullshit!


That's all bullshit. Everything, everything you just said is bullshit...The people don't come because you grandiose motherfuckers don't play shit that they like. If you played the shit that they liked, then the people would come. Simple as that.
Bleek and Shadow, Mo' Better Blues sampled in The Roots' "Act Won," TFA

*Which is not to say that all colored folks dislike the full grown man.