mercredi, juin 08, 2005

Chocolat Popcorn

Tiona to documentarian on homophobia in hip hop:
I told her how I felt the conscious crowd vs. the plain ole ignoramous scene is the same when it comes to the homophobic shit spewed out of their mouths…I said the conscious, “I smell like nag champa and mad oils combined” niggas be on some bullshit just the same…instead they talk a little slicker and bring shit back to the “African American family” and how it is destroying it…what?…when really you are upset that I may have caused some arousal in you that cant be fulfilled…so now its my fault and you now wanna tell me in a sexy stupid way…clearly it always is encoded language for “since I cant fuck you and get you pregnant you are now the single handed reason why black families aint shit”…”it aint my bullshit fuck ass…”…”its your- don’t want my dick ass”…this is then followed with a couple of “my beautiful queen mother of the new earth risen in a horizon of all things black and holy and Egyptian and goddesslike”…fuck outta here dudes…id rather take the simple “dyke bitch” that I hear from the ignorant simple ass niggas ive met on the scene of hip hop…at least they don’t take 10 to 20 minutes off my life saying the exact same shit and keep it moving…its pretty equal to me…

What more can I say? Not much. But I can draw your attention to two examples from Badu exes and so called hip hop boho's, Outkast's 'Dre (I can't call him Andre 3000; that suggests forward thinking and this shit is straight backwards) and Common (displaying a lot more sense than 'Dre) speaking on fluid female sexuality:

...said there were some girls that did attract her, a new chapter she was after so I said let's go to a place that you wanna be..., Common, "Go," BE

you start smokin wit ya girl
She nigga bashin sayin you don't need em in your world
Niggaz all dogs? If niggaz all dogs, then what you call broads?
Felines in heat, meowin for some yarn balls
Now you and her done got to drankin
Oh now it's really crunk, cause y'all silly drink
and your girl done got to thinkin
She talkin bout, "Girl you look so beautiful"
You say thank you bein nice you try to change the subject
Want some beans and rice? But she's back at you like a pit
mixed with a chihuahua how much meaner can you get?
Don't let her have her way with you she's gonna have a fit
You're the candy apple of her eye and bout to get bit
here's what you do -- you
grab her by her neck, throw her on the wall
Say, "Bitch don't ever disrespect me never not at all"
These simple words can put a pause to half of the applause
Them black ball laws of balance at all cost

'Dre, "Mamacita", Aquemini

"Go" has been battered by the masses even by the audacious new jeru kid in the 106 & Park audience the day it premiered who said, "I think he could have done better with the video" before Melyssa Ford saved the day with effusive praise. I've already said my piece on the song's aesthetics but I been meaning to address the girl on girl action. To be fair, in Com's instance as opposed to your boy 'Dre's, the female's same sex encounter is in the context of her heterosexual encounter with Common so although he indentifies the menage a trois as a means to satisfy her desire, he's got double the pussy and has therefore no reason to be upset or threatened and in tune with the song's theme ("everybody run back to your fantasy") the same sex encounter undoubtedly fulfills his fantasy.

Now 'Dre is just plain angry since this potential same sex encounter ain't got nothing to do with him or any other man and is therefore very threatening. This potential same sex coupling excludes him which may account for his violent expressivity within the lyrics of this song or the fact that his former girlfriend Keisha Spivey (who last I heard was making house with Omar Epps)of mid nineties Hip Hop Soul outfit Total was known to be pretty fluid with her own sexuality. Sound like a nigga was just a little bit bitter. But moreover Andre 3000 is not all that progressive. Ski boots and wigs are no more indicative of progressiveness than buttondowns are of being a grown ass man.

[Edit: I know this song was released in 1998 and recorded some time earlier. It would be interesting to know if ole boy's perspective has evolved.]