mardi, mai 31, 2005

A Rose is Still A Rose

227 : The Fictive Fam'

I am Jbica. I be 5'6."

Sandra Clark is a character from 227 which has been resurrected courtesy of TV ONE, a new black Lifestyle and Entertainment television channel that distinguishes itself from Viacom's BET in that it does not show music videos featuring shame(black)faced coonery but mimics in that it shows reruns with occasional shame(black)faced coonery. But the former is the fate of most cable channels, especially start ups; the latter the fate of most black entertainment. I will always welcome reruns of Martin (great television show that was unfortunately lined up against Seinfeld making for some segregated late nineties Thursday evening viewing patterns), Good Times (never ever saw 'til I was good and grown), and 227. I love the Jenkins family. I felt like they were good fictional black people and still do. Sandra, Rose, Pearl, Lester, Mary, and Brenda all hold a special place in my pop culture junkie heart. I'm no more like Sandra then I'm like Rose but Jackee Harry* the actress who played Sanda Clark, captivated me/us with her larger than life personage and sultry drawl equal parts nasal and guttural and always unselfconsciously assured. With glamorous eighties black girl hair and just right too tight dresses that are so popular with colored women (myself included) Harry repeatedly declaimed her characters name, "SAAAANDRA CLARK" in paused strut, manicured hands divaly bent with feminine pinky at oh so dainty attention. Direct TV subscribers: tune to TV ONE at 10:00 am if you are jobless or 5pm if not (everyone else call your cable company to request the channel). The sound doesn't translate into text; it has GOT to be (seen and) HEARD.

*I ran into Harry who recently split from celeb hairstylist Elgin Charles on 72nd. I don't know her, although it sort of felt like I did, so I didn't say anything and "walk[ed] down the street with more boop than betty" to Urban Outfitters to buy something I didn't need and probably don't wear.

Nota Bene: The little girl in the bottom of the pic is the dreadlocked video chick from the Kweli's "Never Been in Love" video and that karaoke themed 'make sure you brush your tongue and get your breath in order and you will sing like a jaybird with handsome beau' commercial.