lundi, mai 30, 2005

Put You On The Game

He used to sell* mixtapes but now he's a b-boy and most recently a blogger who has been talkin' greasy about numchuks, bucktown (home of the originoo gun clappaz), "our shining black prince," and the academy.

On the subject of linoleum junkies, I ran into b-girl par excellence, Rokafella, so named cuz she rocks the fellas (Get 'Em Girl), on Fulton in front of BAM yesterday. I was coming home from brunch with fam at Curly's Vegetarian (a new spot run by the same folks who ran Veg City Diner) exhausted! (didn't sleep sat night) and who do I see on the corner on the look out for some lost b-girls but Rokafella. At first I wasn't gonna speak cause I wasn't sure if she remembered me then she stopped me and was like, "I know you!" Anyway hugs exchanged and she told she was shooting a video for Queen Goddess around the corner. Then the twin b-girls who looked more like altar girls (looks can be deceiving) and who were also in the hugging mood arrived so they went to shoot they video, I did a quick walk through of the African street festival avoiding people I knew for some odd reason, then finally hit the hay.

*Ok so I'm not really sure if Joe trafficked in tapes but I could not resist papraphrasing The Nonce. I can confirm that he makes fire rare Gil Scott Heron ones with a Soul Imperialist logo and everything.