mardi, mai 31, 2005

"Escape through rhythms in search of peace and wisdom"

Jet Screamer

Mama magnificent and sister seraphim have already done more than enough to make my life a living heaven but on the occasion of my most recent born day they helped satisfy my tortured soul with the best cards and best gift ever. They bought the kid an iPod Photo. YAY! I'm feeling pretty Judy Jetsonish as I make my way through the city I love to hate so it's appropriate that I say, Eep Op Ork Ah Ah, and that means I love you.

I already got 400 songs uploaded from the long since untouched albums in my old dusty cd booklet. A sample of jah digga's rotation:

13th Floor/Growing Old
21 Years
Cradle and All
Make Room
Elevation (Free My Mind)
Life is Sweet
No Fear
Come Clean
Bad Card
The Official
All My Life
It's So Hard

and, but of course, the eternal favorite:

Two Princes

The Spin Doctors will be at BB King's in September and, God willing, I WILL be at their show screaming like a banshee unless I am delayed in which case I implore you to kiss them for me.