mardi, mai 10, 2005

Dem chickens is ash...

...but she's lotion

Like every overeager kid that votes for the lame ass videos from the AJ and Free hosted suckfest that is 106 & Park I adore Mariah's "We Belong Together" maybe even more than the livest audience member. Anyway DLO brought the CD in on Thursday and encouraged me to listen to it, and though I had hear the song in passing as I hustled and shuffled daily tasks and responsibilities, Mariah's real simple song just resonated with me.

I caught the video too on Saturday during a rare TV viewing as I waited for laundry (I also saw the making of the Game video "Dreams." Mya and Game are both extra, extra! corny). It never ceases to amaze me how Mariah's pronounced rhythmlessness shines through even when she isn't dancing. I chuckled at the absurdity of Big Perm reading HARD from the good book in the background and couldn't help but be miffed at Mariah's choice of love interest (admittedly he is a hottie). She stays true to form. She's not gonna give up her almost white privilege for shit no matter how many rap hooks she coos or rap chicks she champions. Despite claims to the contrary, Mariah is not the most misunderstood black girl in America. I am.

PS-I would love to know why the dark skinned chick in the "Just a Lil' Bit" video is identified in the opening credits as "La Diabla."