lundi, avril 18, 2005

"I be showing niggas lives like UPN"

NOT "Lil' Com I make righteous bitches 'Get Low'"

(See "Get 'EM High for more airing out Crunk King)

Today is all about BE anticipation, music infatuation, and net holleration in this blogerie....

Com's "REAL PEOPLE" is my nomination for "Hip Hop Quotable" whose future I know is in imminent danger. I will really miss The Source since its demise now seems an inevitability but back to Badu's ex: It's wierd hearing the album now but having to wait 'til right around my birthday for the actual release date. Questlove wrote about this once. There is something exciting about unwrapping a CD for the first time that could even compel someone with money to burn to buy CD's all over again just to replicate that feeling, "That Thing".

Here are a few lyrical excerpts (even if this was an audio blog I wouldn't post the audio)

somehow through the dusk I can see the dawn
Like the the Bishop Magic Juan
That's why I write freedom songs
For the real people

I wonder if the spirits of Bob Marley and Haile Selassie
watch me as the cops be trying to pop and lock and me
they cocky
plus they mentality is Nazi
The way they treats blacks
I want to snap like paparazzi
We the children of a better god
searching for better jobs
we can cop ghetto cars
trying not to catch a charge

Can a dude break free and still get honored at home?
I was told by a chief it's the game's nature
When you're glowing some will love some will hate ya
It's real people