lundi, février 21, 2005

Message in a Bottle or Why I am Seldom up in the Club!

It's always the liqs that get the best of me on an evening out. It's a guaranteed pathway to fun or its not so exact replica: good times or rather good moments. For with morning and afternoon and evening and maybe even the morning after next comes headache and nausea. I ain't got time for fake times which is why I am not interesting in sipping Cris' or personal fav Veuve Cliquot with anyone these days. Volvic is all I need to get by.

Quite often I wonder why clubbing is such a universal means of letting loose and why checking out let's say Henry Threadgill at the Knitting Factory isn't. I feel like my lifestyle demands compromise for camraderie. I eat where I don't want to eat. I go where I'm not that interested in going. Who in the hell wants to go see Jacky Terrason on a Saturday night? Who won't trip out at Kate's Joint? It's very, very, interesting how living your own life can so distance you from your friends and in turn socializing with your friends so distances you from yourself.