mardi, janvier 18, 2005


I aspire to cultural (music, film, art, current events, etc. criticism) not news reportage not that there is anything wrong with the latter or that I'm not capable of the latter. I realized this yesterday at a protest of Shirley Q. Liquor at Club Spirit.

You see Shirley Q. Liquor is a white man in drag and blackface as a black welfare Queen which is completely unacceptable. So although I was covering it for Brownstone, I also protested it. My mom, former gender barrier breaking radio journalist that she is, was like: What? Well, that's how it was and that's how it will remain because injustice is injustice and there's no point frontin' like it isn't. Its funny 'cause there was reporter from New York's Gay Paper there and he said it was a complicated issue and I just stared and nodded but really it wasn't. It isn't. Minstrelsy is not O.K. Racism is not O.K. Same for sexism, inequality, injustice etc...etc...On the subject here's what the great King who I didn't get to chance to virtually celebrate yesterday (although I imagine my protest was my tribute) has to SAY about justice.