vendredi, janvier 28, 2005

"I got a love"

C.L. teaches The Game how to stunt at The Game's record release party at Temple, NYC

C.L. aka PETA's newest nemesis and Pete Rock need to get back to together. On the subject, after I saw their reunion concert with my sis and Nicole at SOB's a year ago I decided that Pete Rock was kind of a hottie. On the subject of hotties I got to give it up to Mario. "Let me Love You" would be on repeat if my lazy ass would go buy the single but for now Yahoo! Launch feeds my Mario fix. Now that he has clipped his braided hair his true colors are shining through and they are beautiful like a rainbow. Now if he could just not dance SO HARD in the video he'd be perfect.

Oh yeah and NYU's NAACP is having its Black Solidarity Conference tomorrow. Check NYU's Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square South) Brownstone will be facilitating a panel entitled "Writing the Spectrum: Brownstone on the Mainstream Media and Itself."

"Ain't no time to play. Gotta make moves with no delay" ~N'dea Davenport on "No Time to Play" from Guru's Jazzmatazz Vol. I

Hmmm...I wonder if N'Dea and Guru were dating when they made Vol. I, she's featured on quite a few songs? I must say Jazzmatazz Vol. II: The New Reality is my personal fav: "Respect the Architect" was CRAZY as was "Watch What You Say" and "Lifesaver"