vendredi, novembre 10, 2006

A Ship Launching Face

Max Minghella photographed for Interview Magazine

I plowed through Art School Confidential last night, a not so good movie--disjointed, poorly written, overacted (w/ the exception of John Malkovich)--on account of Max Minghella. I mean the movie has a great premise and a few funny moments but is otherwise shit. But Minghella, whose performance was nuanced and subtle, was enough to keep me tuned in. I'm not going to qualify his beauty because modifiers like achingly or painfully don't make sense to me. Somewhere I read that description of Julia Roberts in her Broadway debut and I was annoyed. Who hurts in the presence of beauty? If anything beauty compells, distracts all to it. It lengthens attention spans, lulls running-off-at-the-mouthdown, makes you otherwise unoccupied.