jeudi, octobre 06, 2005

That Equal Got to Me*

"Cause while the goods glisten, certain eyes take position"

My apt. was robbed. Laptops, TVs, iPods, only things we'd notice missing, are still there. Don't know where a lot of my posessions are, esp. my clothes. They probably mean the most to me. But I can't imagine a thief stealing apparel. Not much money in consignment even for the good shit and it would take a while to recoup. I'm hardly home. My roomate's never there. Wierd to think someone else was. We live in a nice bldg. Elevator, laundry, and all that but we got got and I'm not scared but I don't want to go home so I won't.

Detective called me. Didn't pick up since it came up 'unknown' but I called back when I heard the msg. He wants me and my roomie to drop everything and go home to figure out what's gone. I told him I don't know what I have so I won't know what's missing or misplaced or
chez someone else or in Seattle. I leave things everywhere I go. Here and there. I have a beautiful diamond pendant that I never wear but I haven't seen that in a while. Just cause it's not in my jewelry box doesn't mean ole boy took it.

You see, they have someone in custody who admitted to burglarizing our apt. They just need us to confirm that items are missing to hold ole dude but, honestly, neither one of us keeps track of our stuff that well and going home ain't gonna jog our memory. I could tell detective was frustrated. He was like "I have somebody here who's admitting to robbing your apt and neither you or your roomie will go home to figure out what's missing." No. What for? Earlier in the convo he explained that the robbery took place recently but not yesterday and I was home last night. My roomie, the night before. Nothing's changed between then and now. I wish I could be of more assistance. He insists on calling my roommate. I give him her number. If she picks up I doubt she'll go home. She got people in town. We both stay elsewhere most of the time. We just need a home base. If that's compromised it's unfortunate but not the end of the world. I think.

*"Got", from which this comes, is pure genius. "Robbed on principle" used to crack us up so did plaintive choral background shout "This is so unfair"