samedi, janvier 24, 2009

Dip Dip Dodge


Let me be so clear. The serenity prayer is serious and I ain't said it in I don't know how long. I feel really blessed to be at peace in the '09 in spite of my bad habits and short temper and the uncertainty circling my personal and professional life. I feel my notoriously poor judgement improving and ever present to the opportunities that continue to come by way. As the sanctified say, I'm too blessed to be stressed. Inhabit that. Pass it on.


Corncob constellation,
oyster shell, drawstring pouch, dry bones.

Gris gris in the rafters.
Hoodoo in the sleeping nook.
Mojo in Linda Brent’s crawlspace.

Nineteenth century corncob cosmogram
set on the dirt floor, beneath the slant roof,
left intact the afternoon
that someone came and told those slaves

“We’re free.”
~Elizabeth Alexander

And then there is Tuesday's.