vendredi, août 29, 2008

Invisible and/or Subordinate: Barry O. and Blackness on the Verge of the Presidency

APTOPIX Democratic Convention
"No, not the stiff arm."

I posted my disappointment over Barry O's acceptance speech over at VIBE and then I came across this post at Sandra Rose. Apparently, Cornel West and I are kindred in our evaluation of Obama's address.
"...the Black freedom movement is at the core of American democracy. It has been the major means by which democratic possibilities have expanded for every citizen. So you can't think that somehow you're being American by holding blackness somehow invisible or subordinate."

-Cornel West in conversation with Julianne Malveaux on "Tavis Smiley Show."

For my thoughts, see Hello, Babar.

mardi, août 26, 2008

"The new moon rode high in the crown of the metropolis..."

"...shining like, 'Who on top of this?!'"

In response to Ferentz's post about New York.

dimanche, août 24, 2008

Also Rises

I work on weekends now and its the pits. I would love to see one of my favorite singers, Gretchen Parlato, today at the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, not to mention Randy Weston, but I'll be at work.

Saturday's are my Sunday's these days and I got nothing done. I got into a funky mood early afternoon and didn't want to be myself and I write alone so I didn't write.

jeudi, août 21, 2008

I don't like the overly manicured, ever poised, fastidiously groomed, hollow handshake types. Pristine voices don't do much for me either. That's partly why I love Joi so damn much. Check this pic swiped from Bossip. From the the shiny blemished forehead, to the dookie braids to the oversized, poorly adhered faux eyelashes. I LOVES IT.


Pic Source: Bossip

dimanche, août 03, 2008

Bad Meaning Bad

Step Brothers