samedi, mars 22, 2008

Trapp Star


What do you all think of Black baby named Liesl? I'm watching the Sound of Music now, for the umpteenth time, but not for a long time, and I'm just as swept away as when I saw it as a child. Assuming my tbd baby father's agreement, my first born girl will be Aishwarya, in honor of my sister Aisha, a Bollywood buff nonpareil, but I think Liesl is quite a nice name for her little sister or Brigitta or even Marta--(the Velasquez version) à la "Arrested Development." N'est-ce pas?

jeudi, mars 13, 2008

I Can Go Anywhere?

Strand smells like homelessness but they got good prices so I spent my lunch hour over there today. I picked up 3 books: Pearl Cleage's Baby Brother's Blues, Peter Guaralnick's Dream Boogie and Carlo Rotella's Good with Their Hands. I hadn't bought a book in a while. I was utilizing the NYPL until I ran up too many fines. I paid them off but I'm pretty sure I still owe the BPL a good chunk of change hence I don't venture anywhere near Grand Army Plaza. I don't return library books in a timely manner although I breeze through them. I've also had the same three Netflix DVD's since mid December. Go figure. (That's an imperative.)

Anyway, I'd like to read something transformational, preferably lit, but self help will suffice. Any suggestions?

Um so did anyone go see the negro lineup last night at SXSW? My Googling and blog searching has turned up nothing. I've written up half the folks on that bill. Does anyone even care? I know most Black musics made by, wait for it, Black people, are no longer viable but shit, I'm still listening.