jeudi, janvier 17, 2008

Since my well-being isn't where I'd like it to be, I've been attempting to cut wheat from my diet. This is in addition to shifting to veganism again. Vegetarianism has been easy for these past 11 years; it's the veganism that's been difficult. I've never made it more than 6 months due to the anti-social nature of not eating flesh or dairy and an occasional taste for cheese. This gluten-free veganism is difficult. Many of your packaged veggie protein options are, in part, comprised of wheat gluten, so I'm just eating tofu. I'm not much of a bean eater but I'll throw some cannelinis in my salads. As to nuts, well I'm trying to lose weight too and they are just entirely too caloric.

I'm gonna hit the gym again come Sat. I've been neglecting my health and feeling the consequences. I am also looking for T'ai Chi practicioners in Downtown Brooklyn and environs.