mardi, novembre 20, 2007

Appropriate Yr Idols

Pilfering is it in music. I know this. But it irks when they're appropriating yr idols (and makes ya feel aged):

Then... "N.E. Heartbreak" (Embedding Disabled)

Not too long ago...


"Blue Magic" (Embedding Disabled) And I just saw this last night cause I don't care for the blue brand and its regressive ethos.

Also since En Vogue is on the blog, went to SF/J talk at New School and one of a number of telling moments was when SF/J began his talk by asking who sang "Hold On" and was met with a barrage of "Wilson Phillips!" Context. Nil. I imagine that makes it easier to keep 'em amazed. One reason I was unconcerned with the musical miscegenation piece is that I don't read the New Yorker and therefore didn't read the piece. The reason that I was unmoved by the backlash was that the whole conceit seemed disingenuous as, from what *I heard*, it was a conversation about the absence of blackness in an exceptionally white venue.* I'm quite comfortable with the lower frequencies and on that Ellisonian tip, again having not read the piece, I'm curious as how the paint sequence in IM might possibly relate. As in how a drop of black makes white whiter?

*E.G.-The Daily Show, especially pre token south asian and af-am hires.