lundi, octobre 29, 2007

Major thanks first to Big Sexy and second to Dilla for fomenting my current minor obsession with Jeffrey Osssssborne who will be headlining the Apollo in a few weeks. I was up at the Harlem School of the Arts last Tuesday for the always informative Loren Schoenberg-led Jazz for Curious Listeners class and on my way out I spotted a flyer for Osborne and Regina Belle at the Apollo and I knew I had to find a way to get there. The Apollo is just an awesome venue with great sound, sight lines and historical significance and would provide a wonderful opportunity to finally hear Osborne and his opener Regina Belle live. I had long been familiar with Osborne's "The Woo Woo Song" and "On The Wings Of Love" but oblivious to his seventies output with L.T.D. until Ceddy Ced's Original Kings of Comedy namecheck and Jay Dee's "Love Ballad" flip (for De La's "Much More") drove me to dig deeper into his catalog. "Holding On" was my favorite walking song (I'm hoping to qualify for the 2016 games in the 20K racewalk. What up Hal!) up until I lost my iPod last week (I think I accidentally dropped it in the recycling but it wasn't really working no ways. More upset about losing my hot pink leather Coach iPod case). Anyway, I give you "Holding On":