lundi, juin 25, 2007

Today Martin Luther will be performing a free show at the Soho Apple store at 6PM. I was gonna go and take some flix but I forgot my digi cam at home and probably won't have enough time to go home and get it after work and still make the show. Also Martin Luther plays SOB's tomorrow night with Jennifer Johns and Emily King.


Martin Luther killed at the Apple store yesterday. Cool as can be in Crocs, he opened with an acoustic set and then brought out drummer Nikki Glaspie and bassist Aaron Bellamy. If I got it right, he did a bakers dozen songs total, the most memorable being a medley of "Gang.Sta" from 2000's Calling with Bob Marley classics "So Much Trouble" and "Exodus", "Daily Bread", and "Home." He also previewed a ballad he's been working on titled "Dreaming Without Brakes" and a song he sang at his cousin's recent wedding (held at the Apollo no less) titled "Undefeated Love." I had only intended to stop by and snap a few pics and although photography was proscribed, M.L. was so composed and compelling I had to stay. Dude's voice is sweet and ascends from alto to falsetto with ease. His songs are neither too weighty nor too frivolous and he rocks. I've know about him for forever but there are so many soul singers with underground buzz that I just don't have the time to listen to them all. And with regard to his case in particular, I'm not all that fond of the Atlien rocker with whom he gets lumped, Cody Chestnut. Tangentially, I saw M.L. at the taping of the Dave Chappelle Block Party and if memory serves correct, outside the Be release party, and he look(s) good in leather. (BTW he's also featured in a new film starring Evan Rachael Wood, Across the Universe.

And my lovely discovery of the day is Herbie Hancock's cover of Stevie's "You've Got it Bad Girl" from The New Standard (1996).