lundi, juin 18, 2007

Doing Fine/Doing Time

I don't like to watch the MSM but I when I flipped on the TV this morn I caught a little of a big three morning show before I could flip it to a Cosby show rerun and I heard Mike Nifong was disbarred. Really? Interesting how quickly some segments of society are able to exact revenge while Gary Tyler still languishes in Angola. I haven't heard of anyone being disbarred over that case. Since we're disbarring people, let's disbar the folk who prosecuted cases overturned on DNA evidence and other prosecutors involved in the miscarriage of justice. Let's demonstrate that everybody's life is important. Also all this collective pity for the Duke players is for the birds. Overeager DA's are an unfortunate part of life, disproportionately for the poor and the colored, which the MSM didn't have a problem with until they affected some troubled white wealthy lacrosse players with disturbing racist and sexist violent fantasy lives ( i.e., the e-mail the MSM conveniently forgets to remember).

Also probably gonna get an Apple notebook this week. Any advice?