vendredi, juin 29, 2007

A Bay Bay

+So despite the reports of Lauryn's downfall, I plan on taking off work August 6th as to secure a prime position at Wingate Field. When I informed fam' this weekend at a friend's tea party, they snipped, "no need," as they foresaw I would be "the only one out there." And still I rise. For more on my devotion to Ms. Hill see Hello, Babar.

+Oh and the best part of the BET awards was when Beyoncé did the butterfly in response to her own old school dance entreaty. It is my favorite dance, possibly of all time (and I don't much like dancehall). Hopefully, her efforts will hasten its inevitable (I can hope, can't I) resurgence. For more on Beyoncé and the body politicized, once again, see Hello, Babar.

+Last but not least, last night, while setting up my spanking new MacBook (Yeah!!!), I flipped through the channels and caught a bit of the All-American Presidential Forum hosted by Tavis "Heady Hearthrob" Smiley, held at Howard University, and backgrounded by a collage of colored faces. My enthusiasm grew when I saw my mom's absolute favorite and fellow Spelman alumnae Marian Wright Edelman as well as spoken word poet/philosopher Cornel West in the audience. How cool was that? Unfortunately but predictably, it has been thus far under covered. Stream audio or video or download the podcast of the debate it in its entirety online at PBS.

And with regards to anyone who would foolishly challenge the All-Americanness of this debate, I'm reminded of the thinker (anyone remember the exact citation?) who basically said that Black people are quintessential Americans with regard to our unwavering belief in the American dream despite our tortured history here in America.

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