lundi, février 19, 2007

Sometimes you gotta let go...


Fan that I am of Mos Def masterwork Black on Both Sides, Black Star, prefame showcases like "Fortified Live" (or in the realm of TV, The Cosby Mysteries) and his brilliant Bamboozled performance, I can't ever again imagine ponying up money or giving free time to see Mos Def perform. I caught him last a few years ago at Blue Note. During the intimate Valentine's Day set (in which I was subtly propositioned by a freaky White couple) he covered love songs by Seal and Andre 3000 in a memorable medley and offered a poignant rendition of everybody's favorite "Umi Says." But it seems he's become increasingly indulgent and less disciplined in the studio and on stage (exemplified by his drunk unfunny shtick at a live taping I caught of a previous season of Def Poetry Jam) while maintaining his defining genre thwarting visionary ambition. This has made for a bad combination. Ben Ratliff's review of Mos Def's January Carnegie Hall performance confirmed my sentiments (although I deeply respect dude for the choice of costume).

Here are two three reviews of Mos Def at BAM's Brooklyn Next this past weekend:

From My musings on Things That Might Not Matter to You
From Clever Creature
From Stayin' Hungry
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