mardi, février 06, 2007


Pic swiped from Brooklyn Vegan

Quick notes on the night before last:

The Sprint commercial was the best with the Letterman promo running a close second. I also liked that Chevy HHR ad.

The Snickers commercial was despicable. Kudos to John Aravosis of America Blog for organizing a quick assertive response yesterday in which I participated by e-mailing Snickers and threatening not to purchase any more of their products unless the ad was pulled--that I don't eat Snickers is neither here nor there. (On the subject I wish the colored children and sadly sometimes adults who hawk M&M's on the train would offer Luna Bars and/or Organic Fruit Leather. I don't eat candy. If they sold healthier snacks they could so expand their customer base. Actually I take that back. I wish they had more social and economic opportunity so they wouldn't have to sell M&M's "not for no sports team but to put a little money in their pockets and stay out of trouble") More another day on how the NAACP, Al Sharpton and Black leaders in general can learn from grassroots web based activists like Aravosis and the good people over at

Prince put on the best halftime show I have ever seen (caveat: I haven't seen that many superbowls.) Incorporating FAM's band was stellar (even though on a few closeups I noticed a few band members flubbing the choreography). "Best of You" was incredible. I loved that song at first sight (MTV2 a while back while flipping the channels) and it was on regular rotation on my iPod until it crapped out and I had to go the Genius Bar to exchange it for a new one.

I'm guessing, and I think Al Sharpton is with me on this, that Prince wore the doo-rag 'cause he has a conk and it was raining. Optimum relaxer maintenance demands that one avoid water at all costs. It mistifies me that Black haircare is still so baffling to other folk. I do agree that the halftime show was an overlooked opportunity to tribute James Brown however briefly. Cut "Proud Mary", add something from JB's catalogue, and bring out Maceo as always. I should note that after seeing Prince perform in Madison Square Garden I seriously considered abandoning my New York life and following Prince around the world (and by world I mean Toronto, Minneapolis and L.A.) despite the fact that his catalogue peaked before my time.

"Southside" is that shit. Rex Grossman is pure boo boo.

Boomer Esiason malaprops a lot for example I caught him conflating 'conjecture' with 'contrast' in the super long pre-game show.

Having consumed my share of shitty carrot and corn studded mushed vegetable patties, lentil burgers, portabella burgers and other underwhelming vege options at a range of establishments (excluding Tiny's Sandwich Shop and Cafe Flora) , I made tasty juicy vegan burgers with Gimme Lean, Ener-G Egg Replacer, Italian seasoning and chopped garlic.

Criminal Minds was supremely dissapointing (still no match for the foolishness of 24) Luckily for the both of them I am almost always willing to suspend disbelief.

I am rethinking "Proud Mary." It might have been brilliant. I'll have to evaluate its gender politics.

* I've been reading Salt, on and off, and listening to live D'Angelo hence the title of this post.