lundi, février 12, 2007

"I feel sorry for your mother."

"It's hard to defend 'I got hoes in different Area Codes.' It's hard to defend 'Move Bitch Get Out the Way.'"~Chris Rock, Never Scared

The Dixie Chicks owned last night's Grammy awards ceremony with wins in the top three categories powered by their recalcritant hit "Not Ready to Make Nice" but the three bottle brunettes also found a kindred spirit in rapper/actor Chris "Ludacris" Bridges whose snide "special shout outs" to Oprah and Bill O'Reilly (both former critics) revealed a man also not nowhere near ready to make nice. Rocking his new signature fade, oversized diamond studs, and a grey three piece suit Ludacris assumed center stage to accept his trophy for Best Rap Album distinguishing himself from his peers by accepting his award with a haughty but goodnatured 'I told you so' to L.A. Reid, a minor jab at the academy whom he insinuated recognized his music on account of his cornrowless appearance. Then before he carried himself away Oprah's name came out his mouth. Paired with asinine broadcaster Bill O'Reilly, no less, for attempting to hold Mr. Bridges accountable for his use of self-hating language on an edited appearance on her television show. But Mr. Bridges exists on another plane: where individuals can stake their livelihood on Black female exploitation; where misogyny can unquestionably serve as an ambitious man's moneymaker; where theatrical delivery, crassly humorous one liners, public expressions of devotion to one's daughter and the release of a hollow anthem for troubled young women can win you accolades and shore up your success no matter how undeserved. That he thinks cutting his hair made him a grown ass man is disconcerting. That he would follow up his single "Moneymaker" with "Runaway Love" is outrageous. Young women's limbs equated to drumsticks make them want to run away. The global sex trade or what he casually refer to as "Pimpin' All Over the World" make them want to run away. Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, by proxy, makes young women want to run away. And when a self-made Black billionaire philanthropist held him accountable for his self destructive commercial musical production, he, who is too narcissistic for self-evaluation, questioned her credibility and authenticity and continues to do so up until this very day. The gods must me crazy.

Edit: Funny tangential development spotlighted at C&D.

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