dimanche, octobre 29, 2006


Delta's on my shitlist for holing me up at JFK for half a day Friday and doing the same shit to me today at Hartsfield. JFK is so 1983. There are like three outlets and hotspots are few and far between. And I'm so cool on the birds fluttering around the concourses. I have a serious fear of being pooped on by members of the avian community. At least Hartsfield has outlets and cheap WiFi. Anyway, I'm supposed to be working but was compelled to put my Delta gripes in writing.
Me, Moya and Malika at the Young Black Feminists: Envisioning the Future panel this weekend.
the panel
Patrice, me and Moya. (Pics via Alii)

The 25th Anniversary was amazing. The panel went great. Snuck outside and tailgated for all of 15 minutes but didn't feel deprived at all. It just ain't same without Kristel. Maybe next year.