jeudi, septembre 14, 2006


There is a sonic patch on Future Sex/LoveSounds--a funk riff so clean so precise and so utterly technologic as to contradict itself-- that reminds me of D’Angelo’s absence. 2:38 into the "Love Stoned/I Think She Knows" interlude Justin mumbles "Let me put my funk on the guitar one time," which introduces 8 well executed bars seriously wanting for nappy edges and messed up teeth. Strings and Timberlake’s oh so trusty White boy beatbox segue into the melancholy of my personal album fav. "I Think She Knows." That half of an interlude, très MJ, excites where the rest of the album, exhibiting a pattern that recalls Timbo’s* deceased Aaliyah in stoic Ginuwine guise, annoys. Future Sex/LoveSounds as reflexive wake of the early nineties sound that weaned my gummy eardrums.** A second line not ill-conceived nor poorly executed just dry-unless it’s my ear cavities-and drafty. D&B’ed high concept "Sexy Love,"*** I won’t attempt to explicate its derivative relationship to LoveSexy; that’s before my time. But this album, as contrasted to Timberlake’s very good debut, positions the MJ template as much more accessible (or so mammoth as to necessitate constant mimicry). I’m thinking Sa-Ra and J*Davey, here, who I like less than Timberlake****, which isn’t a dig. I fucks with Timberlake and have since “I Want U Back” looped on Zoog. It’s just so hard to follow in Prince’s heeled boots.

*He has got great self image. I don’t remember rolls of neck fat on Brosnan but admittedly I saw the film some time ago. And please someone silence him and guest rappers. I need no producer adlibs or guest raps on my R&B and or Pop. It grates and dates.

**Or it might just be that Tim’s mentor Devante Swing, architect of my adolescent s-track, has been on my mind.

***NeYo's just vulgar overeager MJ

****Although J*Davey songwriting is much more compelling.