mardi, juin 20, 2006


Just cuz he put a name, "zerbert", to a fantastical phenomenon

Wiki says Dada is to offend so it doesn't fit. Libertarianism is too big. Everything else too small.

I'm back for a moment. I need to be swiffering or separating. I can't wash. The laundry room is only open from 8-4 when I (am at) work. I would say more but the legend of Dooce looms. Yes. Indeed.

Didion finally. A few hours of alchemical thinking. An accidental acquisition (temporary too). I went to get Kernodle's Mary Lou. Later I will read Dahl's and then decide which one to buy and place in a soon and very soon stately library. Delusions of grandeur from a dusty Brooklynite non-profit staffer, a renaissance woman confronted with razor rhythms on the way home from the N or the Q and sometimes the B or the D. The C is only a block and a half away so I save it for late nights. Lemil dulled the razor hier helping me, the overzealous Target patron with the big bags, only a block from home and spent. "That's how I was raised," he mumbled before pausing, recoiling a tad when I asked his name. I like it when people say "Hello Jalylah." So at the green awning I said, "Thank you Lemil."

I gave my last dollars to some very good drummers on the 4 platform at Union Square. When I turned my own corner, a few hours later, I walked into the Bodega with one dollar and no change and closed the cooler door without the much pined for Gerolsteiner. I came home and drank filtered. Brita.