dimanche, juin 25, 2006


Mdot and Malika crashed at the crib this weekend (above in ATL memorial day)

Photo credit: Alii

Does this sound like a silly poem?

mardi, juin 20, 2006


Just cuz he put a name, "zerbert", to a fantastical phenomenon

Wiki says Dada is to offend so it doesn't fit. Libertarianism is too big. Everything else too small.

I'm back for a moment. I need to be swiffering or separating. I can't wash. The laundry room is only open from 8-4 when I (am at) work. I would say more but the legend of Dooce looms. Yes. Indeed.

Didion finally. A few hours of alchemical thinking. An accidental acquisition (temporary too). I went to get Kernodle's Mary Lou. Later I will read Dahl's and then decide which one to buy and place in a soon and very soon stately library. Delusions of grandeur from a dusty Brooklynite non-profit staffer, a renaissance woman confronted with razor rhythms on the way home from the N or the Q and sometimes the B or the D. The C is only a block and a half away so I save it for late nights. Lemil dulled the razor hier helping me, the overzealous Target patron with the big bags, only a block from home and spent. "That's how I was raised," he mumbled before pausing, recoiling a tad when I asked his name. I like it when people say "Hello Jalylah." So at the green awning I said, "Thank you Lemil."

I gave my last dollars to some very good drummers on the 4 platform at Union Square. When I turned my own corner, a few hours later, I walked into the Bodega with one dollar and no change and closed the cooler door without the much pined for Gerolsteiner. I came home and drank filtered. Brita.


jeudi, juin 15, 2006

Prince in Prospect Park on a Thursday Evening

Pic, obviously taken by Noel Mendez, swiped from Brooklyn Vegan (Thx Lynne)

That's all.




An Open-Mic Fundraiser to Benefit

The Leonard S. Washington Memorial Library

at Southern University at New Orleans

Saturday, June 17, 2006

7:30-10:00 p.m.

Brownstone Books

409 Lewis Ave.

(Between Decatur and MacDonough)

Brooklyn, NY 11233

*A/C train to Utica Avenue or B15 Bus to Lewis Avenue


Poetry * Song * Testimony * Call to Action


Your Silence Will Not Absolve You ...

Get Involved!

Tell a Friend!


Organized by

The New Black Librarians Caucus (NYBLC)

Flatbush Station, P.O. Box 260605, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Be Apart of the Force Helping to Reverse the Damage of Hurricane Floodwaters at

Leonard S. Washington Memorial Library


samedi, juin 10, 2006

Me & Ronaldo Counting Calories

A few things I'm having difficulty understanding:
Why am I not in Deutschland?
Why am I in the house on such a beautiful day?
Why do so many players from Côte d'Ivoire have perms?
Why is the goalie from Côte d'Ivoire so horrible?
Why was Trinidad and Tobago's goalie HU alum Shaka Hislop so good?
Why does Europe account for 14 of the 's 32 teams but only 9% of the world's population?
Why does watching der FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft make me miss my LPC mates so much?
Why is Brasil playing at 3 on a workday?
After Chelsea striker Didier Drogba scored some ESPN sportscaster said,
"A game that has been controlled by Argentina has now turned 360°..."
He should suffer the same fate as Magic "he thowed the ball" Johnson?

Anyway, with a good goalie like Hislop and some improved defenders (the Trini Sancho Brent for example) and without their mercenary coach Henri Michel, Côte d'Ivoire could be pretty effin' serious.

jeudi, juin 01, 2006

In Love With A Thug*

Are u feeling his vans, his (slightly) baggy jeans, his kid'n' play appeal?

Battery. A sprinkle of assault. I'm a narcissistic masochist on edge. I have tried to fly but boxcutters don't make it past security. Earthound, I falter. My upper arm is all flab. I can't muster the strength to lunge so the blade catches me on the way down.** Please believe it's bruising without the stiff cushion of Cabrera's hair. It can't be like this but it's here, it's here, it's here...and I have got to believe (in it) next time I slice my left index finger dicing onions. There is new Tupperware for my tears, a snappy Ziploc for snot. Yellow and green makes blue so I'll listen to Miles and try not to channel Frances during one of his cocaina binges. The birthday book got it all wrong; me and Miles are a few score and 1 day apart. "I guess I'll have to play Pagliacci."

I'm on the up and up and up and up and oh so wind weary but Pyeng Threadgill is softening the whip. What would I do without la musique.

PS- How come noone told me about Hannah Montana? I saw a commercial for that and was disturbed that it wasn't a part of my admittedly limited television viewing. And the NAACP needs to campaign for new episodes of The Proud Family.

* Sharissa holds a special place in my heart for getting booed of the stage at a homecoming Fashion Friday and for putting this man(tronix) in her video.
**Excellent pop song BTW. On a similar MTV rotational note: I'm feeling Panic! at the Disco more and more each day.