lundi, novembre 07, 2005

Crazy Talk

Someone must have sprinkled crack in Tavis' coffee perhaps the same individual who encouraged his boy Cornel to record a spoken word album. Liken Condoleeza "my handkerchief is tied so tight around my head I'd be completely OK with reinstituting American slavery" Rice with Alice "revolutionary wordsmith and (conflicted) Spelman alum" Walker? Chris Bridges! Walker handled him as expected. But I've got to ask: would Tavis have compared a male author of her stature to the dishonorable Clarence "Clayton Bigsby's prototype" Thomas? As everybody's favorite Jersey girl gone wild would say: "hell to the naw." I was a fan but now he's suspect. At least we still got Ed Gordon.

Edit: More evidence of Brother Smiley's overwhelming fallibility.

On a semi related note: boogalue, doll, I think I may have found you a kindred spirit in ghostwriter par excellence Rhymefest. Ok, the last quote is from Damon Dash from BET's The Ultimate Hustler. He said, "There is the day your born and then there's the day you die. That dash in the middle that represents the life. Life is the Dash."

Rhymefest: I heard that and was like, "Yo, that was kind of prolific.* That was deep." That was the first time I ever heard Damon Dash speak. And I want him to know, I want you to know and I want the readers to know is that the Dash doesn't mean you, but the things you do in between the life you lived. So speaking of that, not Damon Dash, but '77 til when you die or whatever, you got to give the most of that dash you take into life, the rate of life and I wonder who wrote that for him. If he thought of that of himself, then that is kinda tight.
*'fest means 'profound'.