mercredi, juillet 06, 2005

Words & Sounds Vol. 1

I don't know what meme means but context dictates I should do the following:

1) Total number of books I've owned:

Let's say 20 per sememster, 2 semesters a year for 4 years = 160. Add 30 books a semester for 2 years= 280. Add 10 books a year from my dad for the past 15 years up until a little over a year ago = 430 . Add 54 (my mama's age) for good measure. 484.

I should add that I don't buy books. I've been known to grossly misallocate my disposable income. Dorcas, the Spelman Bookstore cashier who I have permanent beef with (ask Kris why) can testify to me reading school texts in the bookstore in the comfy rocking chair which mysteriously dissappeared not long into the semester of my bookstore study sessions, at which point I sat on the carpeted floor, my legs and $300 Bally tennis-shoed feet splayed, blocking a handful of undisciplined students from purchasing textbooks a couple hours 'fore class. Of course this was not to last long since I convinced my prof to give me hers. She borrowed another professors.

I also read in Barnes and Nobles. Dog-ear pages and a day or two later return right where I stopped unless someone purchased my worn copy and I'm forced to flip through an unbroken in copy to find my spot.

2) The last book I bought

Confessions of a Video Vixen. Damn I don't sound like a grad student. I swear I don't own any Zane (pronounced Ja Nay?) and I will stop choosing books with shiny covers for my fledgling book club; word to my fav on-hiatus comp lit grad student.

3) The last book I read

Umm, Confessions of a Video Vixen. (Let me explain "Groupies" are of scholarly interest to me but since we're on the subject who is "Papa"? Anyone?

4) Five books that mean a lot to me (in no particular order)

Gwendolyn Brooks, Maud Martha
Paul Beatty, The White Boy Shuffle
Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man
Tsitsi Dangarembga, Nervous Conditions
Ntozake Shange, Betsey Brown

1. Total volume of music files on my computer:
6.2 GB (I also don't download anymore since I'm convinced iMesh--it's been a while--poisoned booty killed my Dell.)

2. Last CD I bought:
The Night I Fell in Love
for obvious reasons. God bless the dead. The vinyl passed down from my auntie is in the family record collection in Seatown unless my packrat-no-longer mother got rid of it like she did all her fly seventies outfits.

3. Album playing right now:

Law & Order's on right now but the last folks I listened to were Bobby M nd V.

4. A couple of songs/albums that mean a lot to me (I changed the question):
Esthero-"Swallow Me"
Susana Baca-"Maria Lando"
Duran Duran-"Ordinary World" which for me is emotionally tethered to:
Sade-"No Ordinary Love"
Bob Marley-"Misty Morning"
Al Green-"Here I Am (Come and Take Me)"
Cassandra Wilson-"Find Him"
Gangstarr-"Who's Gonna take the Weight"
Whigfield-"Saturday Night"(can't forget the accompanying much better than macarena dance (LPC, what's up)
Stevie Wonder-Talking Book, bought it at the Lakeside Rummage Sale. Wasn't my first vinyl but the first I'd bought for myself.

Who Got Next? I'd send this to Kris but she's not blogging anymore. L is despite claims to the contrary, M dot though increasingly infrequently, Rich, Joe Twist, 'Cia, Tiona, Laylah and MAN (if he isn't too busy).