mardi, juillet 26, 2005

The Promised Land


The real "future of hip hop" speaks:
If they were to come to the table and be like, "We are going to give y'all some reparations. "What do y'all want?" You know what motherf----rs would say? "I want a Bentley. I want a Mercedes Benz. I want a Jacuzzi. I want some of those bitches from that Luke video."

Special Field Order #15...
"If they was to give a nigga 40 acres, what he gonna do' with it? Try to plant some weed on it?"

If you notice Eminem he pronounces his r's very well. So if I was to say a rhyme and pronounce my r's; like "You're a hater" or You're a waiter", people would be like, "You sound like Eminem." But he was taught going to these schools how to pronounce words better. We say hatah', we don't say hater.

"When he makes a song like 'Why' his next song should be about some solutions."

Jay Z...
The hustler in him has won, the hustler in me can't win.

Faux Thugdom...
You don't become a thug at the age of the age of 32 years old. That don't happen. You don't become a thug at 28 years old. When you are a thug you are thuggin' from young. You are the kid who fights on the bus. You are the kid who is always in some shit. That's the kid I was. That's the man I don't want to be."

Preach (not in the Bishop Magic Don Juan sense)!

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Peace to Raf for passing along the article (part 1 & 2).