dimanche, juillet 17, 2005

Liliput put put aka Warning shots for Lizzie Grubman et al.

Ridiculously, ridiculously good looking?

You can't "eugugolize" (Zoolander fans will understand) playing small but you can high step its demise in a raucous second line. The death of that small thing that's tripped many of us so much so that the concrete creases dot our faces. The death of that small things is the ultimate celebration. Cheers to you; pour out a lil' liquor for me):

another beloved and i were talking about beyonce's incredible lifelong pr training and how it could possibly result in her nonexistent sense of self. and then i realized, how many of us are so closely micromanaging our own pr, that we have no idea who we are? we do wear the mask that grins and lies (and does a whole bunch of other koonery performance). when will we give ourselves permission to just be? when will we accept ourselves as all that we are without judgment or correction?

...it's time for my personality and presentation to be in alignment with my spirit.

and if i end up with a wild and crazy assortment of incredible but strange friends who live and love true but don't care about earning your acceptance and if i spend all of my time loving, learning and doing what makes my heart sing without being hungry for accolades or validation, then at the end (and during), i will be one happy camper. and that my friends, is the greatest pr ever.

~l. "what you think of me is none of my business" asantewaa

I'm tempted to respond in my own process by paraphrasing my favorite and oft recounted Badu lyric: what good do your words do if you don't understand you? Right but Certainty really rest easy. Track 8 of the cd we unwrapped (or i think you had already unwrapped on the plane ride there) in the sweltering Hong Kong heat might best approximate your relationship to my paraphrased Badu hypothetical.