lundi, juillet 11, 2005

I'll Make Me A World

Overlooking le golfe de Saint-Tropez aka "mandolay bay"

Have you ever been to Saint-Tropez and seen a brother play the mandolay*?

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

No. But in my frequent delusions of grandeur I'm a transatlantic jet setter as equally at home on the Riviera and Rive Gauche than I am in Ft Greene and the SWATS. This afternoon I browsed for resort wear: an assortment of pricey ethereal ensembles and dangly eyecatching jewelry (a la Beyonce's choker/belly chain.) I tried on a fly dress; more suited to translucent waters and stark white sand than dusty streets and stinky subway platforms. I didn't buy it. I got 5 new swimsuits, tags still on, hanging in my closet. The way things are going after this wedding in NC, I don't see myself leaving BK 'til Christmas and then just to go home. Mensah, Auntie Lynn and Aunt Mary are in Southern Spain right now. I was 'sposed to roll but after a squinty faced glance at my bank statement I had to recuse myself. These aren't the worst of times but they're damn sure not the best. I find myself singing that Calloway song while steady making high-minded (d'accord, j'admet je suis paresseux mais pas tout le temps) life choices that will (un?)doubtedly inhibit my long anticipated arrival at luxe largesse, you know, the American Dream.

I want money, lots and lots of money, so don't be asking me why.

* his ghostwriter means Mandolin