lundi, juillet 18, 2005

Are those Bugle Boy jeans you're wearing?

Formula 50's Payoff

Anybody else seen that Formula 50 billboard at the entrance of Fulton Mall (or in your neck of the woods)?

Foreground: Box shaped bulletproof rap head encased in G-Unit headband (good cross promotion) lips pursed, squinty faced (suprised he's not sporting specs) reading Wall St. Journal.

Background: "Groupies" (skimpily dressed and seemingly confused)
Caption (I think): No Groupies, No Love, Just 50


I wish I had a pic.

OMG you have to go to Glaceau's site and click on Formula 50. This is what the marketing "geniuses" came up with:
No love Playa?
Honeys bounce when you throw bad game?
Try a dose of Formula 50...and lose the pimp cup

That Ray Cash song just came on. So appropriate.

I've always preferred Volvic.

Random Note: I want that Tiny House Geico Commercial. It's hilarious. Is it on the net?