mercredi, juillet 27, 2005

Ain't Nothin' Sweet

"I think the trap is when people think they can be 50% corporate and 50% street. You can either lean toward the the street side, and with that there's consequences. You can't run with cats with guns seven days a week and, as soon as one of those guns pop off, separate yourself. It doesn't work like that. Guns & bullets come with cases. Anyone carryin' a gun or gettin' in a car with someone carryin' should understand that. I don't know why cats think weed ain't illegal. I don't know why cats think riding around with a strap ain't illegal. Cats just need to be realistic about where they're at, what they're doing. Beware of the consequences." Bun B in XXL.

"He told me to keep my foot on the hoes' necks." Webbie recounting advice from Pimp C in XXL.

Free Pimp C? Nah, Keep that fool locked up and throw that savage in there with him (For the record I am anti-prison industrial complex).

edit: L'été classifies Pimp C's advice as an example of 'nig logic." She explains in comments.