jeudi, juin 30, 2005


I know you're gettin bored dealin with him (sung 'sim' courtesy of Bobby's drug abuse induced lisp)

King of Ribs & Barbeque: I'm known like the president. They might as well give me the oval office.

Whitney "Keep The Receipts" Houston to annoying white woman who interupts her meal for an autograph and has the gall to say, "She's a sista. I'm not messing with her": Be me for a moment.

King of Rocks & Blunts: I had to dig a dookie bubble out of her butt.

Whitney "crack is wack" Houston: That's love. Black Love.

I thought this was gonna be pure unadulterated comedy but its nuanced: funny, true, but sad and sometimes beautiful.

P.S.-Every Little Step is where it's at.