mercredi, mai 04, 2005

In A Grey Poupon Mood

(Photo Credit: Delphine Fawundu-Buford)

I haven't had much of an appetite these past few days which is odd because generally I eat like a runaway slave. Correction: runaway house slave. I do exercise table manners when I eat to tummyachedom. 'Been doing it since I was a kid. Ask my mama. Eyes have always been bigger than my stomach (almost literally my eyes are big 'though thankfully not bug) and in this case I'm prone to consume what's in my spectrum of sight. So it's funny to me that I haven't been hungry (and that I am not fat). So today although all I had or wanted was some carrot/mango/orange juice I forced myself to eat half an unturkey sandwich for healths sake. Folks need food even when they don't think their hungry I think that's what Com' is saying on "The Food": "Clench my fists tight, holding the right up." Nigga ain't perfect but who's expecting him to BE.

Caught Com' Saturday up at my sister's current institution (B.A. Dartmouth, M.A. U-Dub). It was raining and I was fighting the onset of a cold with double shots of wheatgrass spiked with ginger but I still ventured out in the rain and met up with Joe Twist who incidentally b-boys barehanded in Union Sqaure. Who Knew? Anyway after enduring Busdriver who I'll describe as someone who looks like he lives in Williamsburg or a black guy from Boston, Cambridge not Roxbury. He performed for way too long (and in very tight cords) on a stage (un)warmed up by CU's grind-friendly step and dance teams and then came the Chicago champion. He commenced with two songs that didn't sound familiar. I'm hoping their additions to the sinewy BE. I screamed like a Banshee or a rock chick if you ask Joe. I forgot enthusiasm is not cool but fuck it I'm a fan. One Day It Will All Make Sense is still my shit although uneven to all the critics. I remember going to Tower on The AVE in Seattle to pick it up. That and De La's Stakes Were High were such important soundscapes for the kid. So when Com' erupted with "Go." So did I. I didn't jump but I wanted to. I did flail a little bit hopefully rhythmically. I screamed and inevitably fucked up most of his lyrics. And although like ole boy I often knew what was coming next I enjoyed it just like I enjoy the candied yams my Auntie Lynn makes ever year. I don't know what to tell everyone who says "Go" is a bad choice for a single. Shit is hot and exciting and invigorating. Who wouldn't want to run back to their fantasy (shit I'm still running towards quite a few). "It's your World" was great and followed a cloud parting "The Light." Would have been greater if Bilal showed up but Bilal's a scene stealer so I take that back. Anyway, advice to the black girls in the front whose golf umbrellas obfuscated my view halfway up the steps: wrap your hair (or get the Dominicans to do it: Uptown girls sadly my trusty Adam Clayton Powell roller set mafia went out of business and I've never been to the Heights but I know Bk. Take B41 to Bergen Beach/Kings Plaza. Get off at Bedford stop and walk confidently to the back of Maribel's and ask for Mamo. Stop at Veggie Castle on your way home ) and wear a hooded jacket. Golf umbrellas make it hard for the rest of the fucking audience to see.