dimanche, mai 01, 2005

Check the Butter Leathers!

Me and Kris had a bad experience with a crusty curled toed mandal wearer in front of the Spelman post office our senior year who foolishly called attention to his unfortunate foot adornment by purring, "Check the butter leathers," meaning his doo doo colored strappy sandals. This feature from the New York Press, which I imagine is to the Voice what The Stranger is to The Seattle Weekly explores and enumerates the wide range of fashion foolhardiness cruel summers initiate in both sexes (hence thong cleavage illustration above). Here's a little taste:
If you're going to commit the ultimate fashion atrocity and rock the mandal (please don't!), at least get a pedicure. Socks are no substitute for a well-groomed foot, and nothing says "No, thanks!" like furry hobbit feet or funky fungal toenails. But don't you fret: Having your calluses sanded off and your toenails trimmed won't make you less of a man; John Gotti got regular manicures, and look where that got him. On second thought, wouldn't you be much more comfy in a nice pair of loafers? Even sneaks will do.

Click here for the article in its entirety!