mardi, avril 26, 2005

Silver & Gold

L & me
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Since I just figured out how to use Flickr I guess I'll stay on the photo tip.

Pictured at right is kinfolk/kindred L--throwing up the dub--and I 'round about midnight the night of her matriculation from Spelman College. We both grew up in Seattle's First A.M.E. church but for some reason we had beef (although surprisingly our moms were safe in the street). I thought her name was LeeAir. It's not. Then we were the only two black girls entering the fifth grade of Bill Gates' alma mater. Her mama and exclusively tortilla-and-cheese-eating little sister had me, my mama, and my older sis over for dinner at their house over by Genesee Park. We called a truce and traipsed the carpet hallways in tandem from time to time or e-mailed each other from adjacent computers during Typing Tutor.