vendredi, avril 22, 2005

Scenes of Subjection

Be forewarned I will be placing ALL home trainingless white kids (numbering in the millions) on citizens arrest. This includes those little white kids who were hitting customers with their absent mothers' shopping cart at Whole Foods Chelsea, the little white girl running across tables as I and my friends attempted to enjoy an leisurely meal in Hanover, NH, the little white boy who bit my play cousin at daycare, and the MILLIONS of other badass white children. This will never make up what was done to Ja'eisha and what continues to be done by the racist media coverage.

I'm damn near suffering a heart attack from dissapointment, frustration and outrage; sentiments that apparently aren't shared by the vacant plasticized "let's lock up all the black children up except for a few tattooed shot up rappers whose savageness will make an entertaining and arousing spectacle" media.