jeudi, avril 28, 2005

Making Grown Men (& Women) Cry Since 1871 and 1881 Respectively

Luckily this Francophile sojourned to the Gallic land pre George W.

You must go this party. Proceeds benefit HBCU scholarships for NYC residents. Purchase tickets online at

I had a brief contained but intense panic attack today. Maybe I'm not built for this. No. I can't afford to think that way or speak that into existence but I feel muzzled by my own fucking tongue which I accidentally swallowed weeks ago then chased with tall glass of anger and a dash of muted principles. My Still in Love With You album is scratched on "For the Good Times." My Armand Van Helden album, the red one, is scratched on "Flowers" but I'm living and breathing and relatively healthy so I'd have to say it was still a good day.

Just Think,