dimanche, avril 24, 2005

Are Your Eyes Still Brown Boy?

To the chocolate boy who duets with Alicia Keys on "Diary": Holler at Your Girl (I won't tell your secrets)

Alicia Keys killed it tonight at Radio City Music Hall. I mean, I wasn't really a fan 'til she strutted across the stage for her nineteen thirties themed show. With this her Diary Tour, Alicia stands on the backs of black performers past/passed like Cab Calloway (She did "Minnie the Moocher" switching it up at moments to "He's a ho ho ho!"). The theme was Uptown Saturday Night--it was a 70's flick, true--but back in the thirties folks went uptown Saturday night too. It was a really diverse audience. Lots of aging white folks, young interacial couples and enough negroes to ensure a fight would break out right when Alicia belted the opening notes to "Fallen." Highlights were my baby daddy (Jeremiah Germaine according to my google search) and Alicia trading verses during "Diary", "You Don't Know My Name" and the opening jazzed up version of "Karma." And please believe the androgynous knee riding kid from that one Cosby Show was holding it down. She claimed the stage, danced, did her, captivated the crowd. She even covered Lady Day's "Good Morning Heartache" and Nina's "I Put a Spell on You," which left a little to be desire but we'll let that slide. She looked gorgeous while also real. You could tell she had a little bit of a stomach and we all know she's thicker than your average. She looked about my size, 6, which made me temporarily reconsider beginning a self-imposed temporary anorexia (Forget what Kanye said, anorexia nervosa IS the no fail get right for the summer plan. "A nigga with a car" would help me get my organic groceries back to BK from Whole Foods Chelsea.

Oh yeah and John Legend was wack!

Celeb sightings were nil but on the semi-celeb front Clark Kent was politicking at will call for some time. I thought he might get left out in the rain but what do ya know before JL started in walked Clark Kent. My seats were better than his. Take that(!!!), DJ to that bed-stuy kid.