mercredi, avril 27, 2005

Are You Free Girl?

Fcck no. Check the shackles on my feet! I owe a lot of folks a lot of things. In lay man's terms I'm not gonna be able to do it. The Mint Condition/Julie Dexter show. The only thing that matters today other than finishing that nagging article earlier. I absolutely adore Mint Condition! Nobody does contemporary R&B better matter of fact nothing better has come out of Minneapolis with the exception of Prince but not Jimmy Jam and Terry. Jimmy "greasy ponytail" Jam and Terry "formerly betrothed to The Superwoman" Lewis are talented (particularly the stuff they did for my girl JJ in the Rhymthn Nation 1814 days) but not as much as my boys. I was kind of happy Toni Braxton divorced old boy so he could return to his duties as anonymous instrumentalist in the shamelessy overlooked band. Stokely's voice is like water (I really want to say "for chocolate" or at least "for cocoa girls" but that's SO corny). Anyway, not to mention I've barely slept in a few days and I look so haggard. If I hadn't lost my last pair of sunglasses and stepped on the other ridiculous Roberto Cavalli zebra printed satin wrap around the head and tie in a bow strapped pair (the oversized Cazal biting Chloes don't count I must have been on a contact when I boug those) I'd wear them to BB Kings tonight so I could ear spy those julep boys and Dexter who is in fact that shit right there, there and there. I don't really like BB King's as a venue. If it was as SOB's or Knitting Factory I'd most definitely go. There I go making excuses again.

I would console myself by listening to the Peace of Mind EP but I left in at Locks and Chops last year organizing for the March and I forgot to go back and pick it up.