mardi, février 01, 2005

"The more I smoke the smaller the Philly gets"

So I interviewed 112 today and I was really impressed with them and their integrity as artists. Real cool dudes. I remember seeing them with Matt, Shaun and L'Erin at the BET Phat Hip Hop Concert at the Tacoma Dome. I think it was '95. I probably have a ticket stub and one of those overpriced glossy souvenir photo booklets of Mary and Biggie somewhere in my childhood lair if my mama hasn't thrown my stuff out as she threatens every year. Anyway, Adina Howard opened up followed by The Luniz I think (aside-why are L and I the only ones who know that "I Got Five On It" in accordance with the great African American tradition is call in response. Some folks say "I Got Five On It" while some other folks respond "BEEYATCH" before coming together to proclaim "Grab your 40. Let's get keyed!"
As I was saying: Lil' Kim performed, so did Mary J. Blige, I think Naughty By Nature was there and Jodeci and of course Total. All I can say was that was a concert for all concerts.

Jalylah "Back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore but somedays I sit and wish I was a kid again" Burrell