mardi, janvier 25, 2005

Great moments in Jalylah history!

On a positive note, I stopped by Okayplayer to read Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks (which is uproarious again after a bit of a drought), see if Skillz has posted anything funny and there was a link in the news to the boards and whatdayaknow someone had posted some live tracks of D'Angelo from the Voodoo tour which I flew to NYC to see (bought my plane ticket before I had a concert ticket) during Spring break from Spelman then saw months later in ATL with L Boogaloo at Chastain Park Ampiteatre. Blackstar opened at Radio City Music Hall and NO ONE was there so I ran up to the front ( I had orchestra seats but they were way in the back) and plopped down right next to Ali Shaheed Muhammad to watch Blackstar. Succesfully evading the ushers, I and the two other mofos that were there jammed to the brooklyn sound. Near the end of the set I got a little anxious since more folks was coming in and if the asshole ushers saw me in somebody's seat I knew they were gonna eye me all night which would have me stuck in the back in my expensive ass orchestra seats so I ducked a row behind as Blackstar finished and as they finish Kweli scoots by me in my aisle to dap up his peoples who were next to me...No one noticed him. I mean no one but his peoples. Then the ushers spotted me and forced me back to my seat. Then as D'Angelo came on and there still weren't any mofos there, the lights went down for a hot sec so I dropped to the ground like a fucking Navy Seal and I made my way maybe ten rows up where I was sitting next to a 60 year old soul woman who I chatted with all night. So of course I like to dance during concerts even the slow songs, which during Voodoo were few and far between (it was some uptempo shit), so the 30 something stunting folks behind me started haranguing, no, threatening me to sit down like this was an opera or some shit but my sixty year old homie put them in their place. She was no joke so I lived it up all night. My cousin who was worried about me going out by myself my first time in NY, bought a ticket to the supposed sold out show that night and sat in the balcony. How sweet! Anyway, it was a phenomenal evening particulary the 20 minute version of "How does it Feel" which courtesy of that cat at Okayplayer I now have on mp3.