jeudi, décembre 02, 2004

I look like a bum

To be clear I don't really believe in bums just fiscally challenged individuals. Extraordinary people who are forced to shit in the streets, forage through trash and sleep on subway cars. I am not one of those people. I just moved into a nice modern elevator building in Fort Greene but I look like a bum. I need some new personal furnishings but that's just not gonna happen cause before I know it I will be begging mommy and sister dearest for dough for rent, utilities, and vegan treats at Whole Foods and that ain't right.

Back in the day I would have spent my last dime at Lenox Mall then called my sister and begged for a Benjamin or two to waste at Phipps Plaza but now I am grown and I got bills and as much as those Fendi boots are beckoning me at Loehmann's I must resist. I was almost hoping Delta would lose my luggage so I could fib about the cost of the items therein and get paid! But alas my mama's nice suitcase arrived, astonishingly dirty, and I'm slaving away at jobs that don't pay shit. If skills be sold?!

Well its funny 'cause D's been beggin' me to hit the clubs with her but I can't go out if I don't look cute and I don't look cute without fly apparel and the tried and true items of ago just aint cuttin' it. I always admired people who look bummish and are happy about it. Scratch That! I always admired people who look bummish and don't ever reflect/realize/consider the fact that they look how the look. Matter of fact I admire happy cashiers and happy cleaning ladies cause as much as its important that we enjoy what we do its more important to enjoy life regardless of what we do.

I'm getting fat. I still fit my clothes but I'm flabby. First sign of aging is girth and I'm too young for that ish. As I have said a million and one times, I would be anorexic if I had willpower and wasn't so damn greedy.

Oh yeah, wonderin' what to do for D's b-day. B-day's are always so anticlimactic for me personally which is probably why its hard to think about planning something for someone else.

I'm just ramblin' now 'cause I have nothing to do until our Brownstone production mtg for which I wrote NOTHING. Boo! I know its gonna be fab though. Interviewed with a magazine today and realized that I don't listen to enough different music. Like I have never listened to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Sleater-Kinney or the shortlist prizewinners themselves TV on the mufuckin' Radio...its just too much to listen to. Basically I need to listen to some more non-stereotypically black music. Yeah, thats it.

And Marc Broussard should share in the absolute spite I hold for Joss "lame ass fake ass soul singer" Stone but he doesn't. I like him in a John Mayer kinda way.

And when the fuck does the taping of Chappelle Show start? I'm trying to get sat in the front row this time. I been at them damn tapings since the first season when nobody was watching. I've weathered the cold ass Harlem streets trying to get my laugh on and no air time. What the Fuck!? Chris Rock's funnier anyway.

Deep Thoughts courtesy of from Chris Rock interviewed by The Onion's Nathan Rabin
O: were in New Jack City. How do you prepare for playing a crackhead?

CR: You smoke crack.