mardi, novembre 09, 2004

When Worst Comes to Worst...

"When worst comes to worst my people's come first" is the diamond bezel rule despite the left coast backpacker status of its composers-multicultural hip hoppers Dilated Peoples. Gold (even the Rose favored by Dilated's "This Way" beatsmith Kanyeezy) is out, thus invalidating the once popular "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." Not that this golden rule was prevalent except for in the altruistic minds of few and guilty consciousnesses of many more.

This is a dog eat dog world and I'm painfully hungry and infuriatingly within eyesight but out of the masticular range of the belly of any canine beast. Never really been a fighter. Punched my sister in the tummy once 'cause she came at me with a hot pan (she had adolescent anger issues) but that's it. No fights. Everybody is surprised by this little known fact. Apparently, I give off anger and confrontation which may have something to do with the fact that I'm black and female not to mention unnervingly honest.

Today was a long day at my new job broken up by the 'Making It in Media' forum sponsored by NYU's OASIS and one of my journalistic homes, NYU's Washington Square News. As my temperamental tummy rumbled I sat in on a roundtable discussion with Media professionals, Peter Bailey and Tanya Young. After about 45 minutes of informative presentations on their career path they got down to the nitty gritty dirty truth to everything in life. Networking/Connections/Your Peoples are paramount. Neither one would have their jobs without a homie hookup which is not to say they're not skilled, talented, disciplined and superb at what they do. Just that in order for them to do the fab job they are doing some degree of separation proved invaluable.

Damn, damn, damn Jalylah! I was hoping I could 'make it in the media' on talent alone which I may or may not possess at this moment but inevitably will possess soon and very soon. The cultivation of my voice, my skill, my everything is doable but now I got to market myself in subtle and not so subtle ways to people of varied (generally condescending, annoyed, privileged and indifferent) demeanors'. YAAAAY! (in my sub par Special Ed from Crank Yankers voice). The gracious Young and witty Bailey said to forget pride, forget fear and basically forcefully prostrate yourself at the media gods before you. Me nah ready!

Don't get me wrong this is no NEW news to me and not 'cause I'm old soul that's surely been here before. It's not a sixth sense (and you know yes you know!) its just pure and simple observation about the ways of the world and how less-than-me thems and yous and hers are "getting in the way of what I'm feelin'."

At work I listened to Jill, Van Hunt's "Highlights" (gets better with every listen), Gift of Gab's "Stardust", Ani Difranco's "Fuel" (as if for the first time) and her indelibly sensual "Pulse" but Jill remains with me the most: "Living my live like its Golden."

Good night sweethearts! Jah