mercredi, novembre 10, 2004

NE Heartbreak

The inimitable gloved one once whimpered "Have you seen my childhood?" an apparent rhetorical given his early entrance into the spotlight. I hope to God MJ doesn't molest boys not just because he is the pop culture embodiment of my wonder years, growing pains, silver plated spoons. You know, good times.

Their are more people, places and things that remind me of the past paradise that is childhood. Victoria BC, corduroy, skate rinks, big cookies, ash, pigtails and cornrows and New Edition. Yep, Ronnie Bobby, Ricky and Mike and last but certainly not least my sixth grade infatuation stone cold gentleman Ralph Tresvant. Well, their new CD on Bad Boy dropped today. And if the singe and video for "Hot 2 Nite" are an accurate representation of the album its fiyah!

Aesthetics and Hipness aside, NE represents much more. Age might be one of the newest monkeys on my back and I'm not that old but its freaky at 23 I already feel out of touch to the mother of inventiveness that is high school. Teen years been passed me by. I'm tired of writing...

sleepy, Jah